HooniganCrew NFT Drops

We Provide all NFTs directly on our Website and every NFT will have Proof of Artwork on every NFT Drop Page

We normally do our New Mints with a launch that includes FREE MINTS for a limited time or quantity

Our NFTs are available in ETH, SOL, MATIC and BNB




Just Steve is part of the STEVE series and is listed on the Polygon Chain and its created by HooniganCrewINSPIRED BY: Cryptopunks and mfers TOTAL



Vomit Steve is an Amazing Polygon Pixelart Collection on the Matic Chain from HooniganCrew and Proof of Artwork is available to view INSPIRED BY: Cryptopunks


Arati Geometric BNB NFT

Arati is a function of Pixelart Geometry on the BNB Chain that has been created to be visually stunning from any angle  – Proof of


Mint Nigel The Fat Whale

Nigel is an Awesome Fat Whale at 0.66 ETH, by HooniganCrew and we really enjoyed Nigel a lot – Proof of Art Provided Now Available


Trashcan Man NFT DROP

Trashcan Man is a Collection created by HooniganCrew – Proof of Art ProvidedTrashcan Man is 0.55 ETH ($690) and is fully available Total Available To


Dropping NFTS in ETH, SOL, MATIC and BNB - Roadmap

From Opensea to Contracts

We started our NFT Journey via Opensea, uploading NFTs, one by one until we had populated our collection

MINT Contracts

We took the time to study and develop our knowledge in Contracts and decided to begin a new direction with Private Drops

Asset Licensing

We studied the Big Collection and decided to follow their direction and have a written license agreement, giving permissions to Digital Assets

HooniganCrew Project

October 2022, we started building hoonigancrew.com for the purpose of displaying NFTs that we have


November 2022, we started Marketing HooniganCrew NFTs via Social Networks, as we know we must be noticed

Proof of Artwork

We soon realized that EVERY NFT that we released, MUST have Proof, so that buyers know they are getting our work

Contract Chains

Building our Audience of Buyers, means that we cannot close our NFT creations to a single blockchain for our contracts

2023 NFT Future

With our Private Drops in place, we will collaborate with others and create NFTs that truley are an asset for Buyers

Our NFTs - Your Investments

We work around the clock, 7 days a week to make sure that all Buyers will see their NFTs value increase as we become POPULAR

The Amazing and Super Hard Working Team

Hoonigan Is my name and I am the Artist Developer Twitter Person Discord Manager Nice Guy

Hi, I am Hoonigan and I am the Artist, Developer, Discord Manager and overall Wizard of the NFT World we have and are creating, with the help of Mrs Hoonigan who is my moral support throughout this journey.

In my lifetime, I have been a Factory Worker, Builder of my own House and more recently, an IT Project Manager, SEO Professional and finally an Entrepreneur.
I value hard work, common sense and I expect those around me to do the same

Mrs Hoonigan is my name and I am the Brains Snack Person Coffee Getter Sympathy Giver Cake Maker of this Project

Hello and Thank You for taking the time to view this Fantastic NFT Minting Machine that Hoonigan has created

His intention is to create a One Stop Platform for all our NFTs that we create, along with any Collaborations that we may do with other artists.
I am the Brains of this Operation, albeit I let Hoonigan think he is in charge, but deep down, I think he knows I wont be making Coffee and Snacks for him, if he thinks otherwise, however, he does work harder than any other person I have ever met!

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